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We are always interested to hear of websites with a local interest and would be happy to add a link if you let us know the details:

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Fressingfield Village Website

Mendham and Withersdale Village Website

Metfield Village Website

Fressingfield Medical Centre

Local Church websites

Fressingfield Church

All Saints Church, Mendham

St John the Baptist Church, Metfield

St Andrew Church, Weybread

St Mary Magdalene Church, Withersdale

Other sites of interest

Fressingfield Music Festival 2012 is the 8th year of the Fressingfield Music Festival offering a wide range of contrasting concerts to please all tastes. For full details please visit the website

Metfield Aerodrome During WW2, Metfield was home to 353rd Fighter Group, 8th USAAF

 Fressingfield Oily Rag Club A local network of historic racing enthusiasts

 Please visit their website for full details